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Turning Earth observation data into actionable terrestrial insights

We are an Earth observation data company that equips our customers, across multiple industries, with the information they need to optimise, plan, monitor, model, design and execute their business decisions and processes.

Bringing together high-resolution satellite imagery, smart sensors, machine learning, AI and edge computing, QL Space provides descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics tailored to your business goals and needs.

Our downstream applications include work in areas such as precision mining, sustainability, agriculture monitoring, supply chain mapping, disaster response support, weather forecasting and infrastructure planning.

Our upstream focus involves plans to test a hybrid radar and optic payload, to further improve the insights we offer our customers.


State-of-the-art technology combined with relentless effort towards excellence


Revolutionise the future of critical earth mineral discovery and extraction

  • Reduce CAPEX for exploratory critical earth mining and improve ESG using artificial intelligence, high-resolution satellite images, data, and sensors
  • Interpretation of aeromagnetic and satellite imagery data to produce structural and geological maps that help target deposits
  • Improve demand and supply chain mapping in mining commodities by monitoring different aspects of the supply chain, ranging from mining activity, port inventory and industrial plant production
  • Near real-time emission monitoring in mining


Develop next-generation agri-tech solutions, including precision farming, agri-insurance and agriculture monitoring

  • Use real-time data relating crop condition, as well as information on soil, carbon levels, air and temperature to provide analytic insights on crop rotation, planting and harvesting times
  • Remotely detect pests and differentiate crop species and weeds to improve crop yield targets and crop health
  • Detect changes in land use and cover from high-resolution satellite data, the more accurate assess management of agriculture, forestry and coastal resources
  • Improve agri-banking and crop insurance by reducing losses with smarter risk estimates and real-time monitoring


Improve management of infrastructure risk through proactive monitoring

  • Transmission line planning and route optimization using machine learning and satellite data
  • Airport information management using geospatial data and machine learning
  • Monitor sophisticated infrastructures for development, site feasibility analysis and risk management
  • Rail-road conditions at regional and national levels
  • Remote location monitoring of assets and infrastructure


Protecting the environment through accurate earth observation datasets

  • Monitor methane emissions, as well as carbon levels
  • Provide more accurate environmental impact assessments through to use of spatially explicit and frequently updated data
  • Monitor inland waterway health


Offer solutions to better predict, monitor, assess and respond to natural disasters

  • Improve disaster response and management through analysis of natural disasters like earthquake, cyclones, floods, and bushfire damages
  • Aid recovery by detecting near real time changes to allow immediate relief measures to be taken during natural calamities


Use high-resolution satellite data, AI and machine learning to derive intelligent information for defence surveillance and security monitoring

  • Identify military resources and troop movement to aid with relief and security efforts
  • Detect chemical seepages across land



We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships and believe that by utilising our respective areas of expertise, we can collaborate to strengthen the state of the art solutions we offer our customers.

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