About Us

Turning Earth observation data into actionable terrestrial insights

About us

Turning Earth observation data into actionable terrestrial insights

We are an Earth observation data company that equips our customers, across multiple industries, with the information they need to optimise, plan, monitor, model, design and execute their business decisions and processes.

Bringing together high-resolution satellite imagery, smart sensors, machine learning, AI and edge computing, QL Space provides descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics tailored to your business goals and needs.

Our downstream applications include work in areas such as precision mining, sustainability, agriculture monitoring, supply chain mapping, disaster response support, weather forecasting and infrastructure planning.

Our upstream focus involves plans to test a hybrid radar and optic payload, to further improve the insights we offer our customers.

The Team

Team behind the door

Raj Karan


Rajen Biswa

Chief Technology Officer

Ariane Platell

Chief Operating Officer

Munjal Dave

Project Manager (IT & Development)

Thejesh S Poojary

AI Team Lead

Sreejith Parameswaran

Data Team Lead

Sumer Kumawat

VP Marketing & Finance



We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships and believe that by utilising our respective areas of expertise, we can collaborate to strengthen the state of the art solutions we offer our customers.