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🌟Finalists at the Australian Space Awards!

24 June 2024

🌟Finalists at the Australian Space Awards!

We’re extremely proud to share that QL Space is a finalist for Start-Up of the Year at this week’s AusSpace24 Australian Space Awards in Sydney!

We’re equally proud of our very own Ariane Platell who is also a finalist for Rising Star of the Year. Her hard work and passion for work has set a high bar for us all.

It’s an honour to be recognised alongside fellow nominees: Akula Tech, ANT61, Blue Dwarf Space, Deneb Space, Element Robotics, Fourier Space, Lunar Outpost, and NGB Innovation.

The Australian space start-up ecosystem is a testament to resilience, innovation, and collaboration. While the journey for any space start-ups is undeniably challenging and fraught with obstacles, we’re sure all our fellow nominees would agree it’s also incredibly rewarding.

The hard work required to succeed in this field and push the boundaries of space technology and applications mean every start-up in this sector deserves recognition for their perseverance and innovation – so congratulations to all the finalists, we recognise and applaud all the incredible work you are doing to advance Auatralia’s role in the global space community 🌏

See you in #Sydney!

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